Christian Bible Study Group

Christian Bible Study Group – CBSG is a movement that was birthed from Acts of the Apostles. The sole purpose is to teach the Word of God to small groups.

Who is it for?

CBSG is for everyone; both young and old, male and female, black or white. Anyone who is interested to grow in the knowledge of God's Word from elementary teachings to mature teachings of our LORD Jesus Christ, according to godliness and righteousness.

Bible Study Leaders

Fasoyin Gabriel

Bible Study Leader

Work and Pray!

Olaleye Ebenezer

Bible Study Leader

The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the simplest type of existence.

me office

Anifowose Abayomi

Team Leader/Bible Study Leader

Living your whole life to please God through Christ Jesus is the only action to take without risk.

Practice what you preach

Practising what we preach is essential and compulsory as disciples of Christ Jesus, that’s why our teaching schedule aims to help participants practice what they listen to or read. In Christian Bible Study Group, we study and obey!

Blessed are those who obey

Obedience is the action that follows reading, studying or listening to the Word of God. Obedience to the Scriptures, Obedience to God through Jesus Christ, for without Obedience, it is impossible to be blessed from the LORD.